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Tatu City – Nairobi:

DLC Town Plan takes immense pride in its integral role in shaping and orchestrating the development of TATU City. The essence of Tatu City's aspiration lies in the conception of an unparalleled, world-class mixed-use urban center—a pioneering endeavor within the African landscape. At its core, this vision revolves around the "live-work-play" concept, aimed at cultivating a dynamic, decentralized hub to the north of Nairobi City.

The realization of Tatu City's dream has materialized into a tangible achievement, luring both local and international enterprises to its premises. Moreover, over the past six years, Tatu City has yielded the fruition of its ambitions, generating tens of thousands of employment opportunities directly and indirectly.

Additional Strategic Planning Projects:

Sibanye Stillwater - Land Integration Management Sysytem:

Sonstraal Staff Village [Tswalu Kalahari Nature Reserve]:

Kishwishi – Lubumbashi [DRC]

Appolonia – Accra [Ghana]:

Roma Park – Lusaka [Zambia]:

King City – Takoradi [Ghana]:

Another noteworthy addition to the company's portfolio is the orchestration of the King City project, nestled in the heart of Ghana. Spanning an impressive expanse of 1,018 hectares (2,500 acres), King City stands as a transformative mixed-use land development within the Western Region of Ghana. This visionary endeavor is tailored to accommodate the burgeoning demand for residential and commercial space, riding the wave of growth propelled by the region's thriving mining and energy sectors.

Positioned a mere 10 kilometers away from the bustling Takoradi harbor, King City is strategically poised along the trajectory of Takoradi's advancement and the burgeoning trade routes that the region commands. Takoradi, heralded as the onshore gateway to Ghana's expansive oil and natural gas fields, has risen to prominence as the third largest city in the nation. This ascent is further catalyzed by the unearthing and cultivation of significant offshore oil fields just 60 kilometers away, a phenomenon that is effectively reshaping the regional capital into a vibrant and rapidly expanding metropolis.

Impumelelo and Obed Townships - Heidelberg & Devon:

Since our founding in 2002, DLC has achieved the successful completion of numerous township developments, a considerable portion of which encompass well over a thousand erven. Our distinctive pride resides in our adeptness at layout planning and design, a skill that harmoniously integrates socio-economic and environmental factors. This integration is pivotal in fostering the creation of townships that stand as resilient and sustainable models. Our approach to layout planning and design goes beyond mere aesthetics. We meticulously assess the socio-economic dynamics of each area to ensure that our townships serve as inclusive and thriving communities. By taking into account factors such as accessibility to essential services, economic opportunities, and communal spaces, we endeavor to facilitate a harmonious living experience for all residents.

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Additional Township Establishments:

Bergtuin – Curro Schools:

Terenure – Stefanutti Stocks:

Steelpoort [various Extensions]


Toekomsrus [various Extensions]

LENMED Randfontein Private Hospital [Harmony]

Jubilee Mall – Hammanskraal:

River Falls Office Park:

Ngodwana – SAPPI:

Nellmapius Township:

Dolphin Park X3 – Residential Estate

Lephalale [Ellisras] [various developments and extensions] 



Astron Energy - Chuenespoort:

From filling stations and educational institutions to shopping malls, DLC has a diverse portfolio that spans across various sectors. Our comprehensive grasp of the rezoning procedures within South African municipalities empowers us to oversee projects from their conceptualization to the point of achieving officially recognized business rights. Allow me to provide a more detailed explanation of how our expertise in this area drives the success of our projects.


Our involvement extends beyond mere project management and town planning. We take pride in shepherding each venture through the intricate maze of approvals, consultations, and assessments required for rezoning. This involvement persists until the point where the project is granted the necessary business rights, transforming ideas into tangible, legally recognized establishments.


By harnessing our expertise in rezoning procedures and coupling it with our comprehensive project management capabilities, DLC ensures that each project—whether it's a filling station, a school, or a shopping mall—is meticulously planned, executed, and realized, standing as a testament to our commitment to excellence in all facets of development.



Additional Rezoning Projects:

Kingsley Mall – PIC:

American Embassy – Pretoria:

Monate Lodge:

Zwahili Lodge:

M-Life – various Residential Estates:

127@Brooklyn – Residential Estate

Bwelani Guest House:

Spark Schools – various:

-  Tweefontein

-  Turffontein

-  Theresa Park

-  Celtisdal

-  Spartan

-  Springs

-  Ferndale

-  Fontainebleau

37 on Charles Guest House:

Wits Health:

Bosveld Spoortjies Kleuterskool:  find them on facebook

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