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The primary challenge of Project Management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived project constraints.


People Walking

With the depth of 22 years collective expertise, skills and resources embodied in the consultancy, we have the capabilities to successfully undertake - from inception to final delivery - the town-planning and project management aspects of any venture, from large sophisticated multi-disciplinary programs to small community projects.


Urban Planning

The tools of our highly skilled and trained draughts people with up to 20 years' experience are computers loaded with the latest draughting software called Computer Aided Draughting (CAD) from which drawings are prepared.


New York City

Although urban design is closely related to urban planning, the design process emphasize the physical improvement of the public environment while planning tends to focus on the management of private development in terms of established planning methods and programs as well as other statutory development controls.

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